Scottish Folds

Scottish Folds

General Description
The unique folded ears of the Scottish Fold give it a look reminiscent of an owl. The tightly folded ears fit closely to the skull resulting in a cap-like appearance. Big, round shoe-button eyes open up the face in the rounded head. A sturdy body is covered with padding resulting in a solid feel to this medium-sized cat. The folded ear is a spontaneous mutation and comes from an incompletely dominant gene that results in both folded and straight-eared cats. Read more »

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Available Scottish Fold Kittens

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Kerrilee Scottish Folds - Site Updated November 12 2018

Blue Tabby/White Male Longhair

October 16, 2018

This blue tabby/white male longhair is ready for his new home, affectionate and adorable to boot, 6 months old

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Coming Soon

February 9, 2017

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Scottish Fold Queens & Sires

Lithodora’s Glitter of Kerrilee


Name: Lithodora’s Glitter of Kerrilee
Queen: Lithodora Maggie May
Sire: Lithodora Nelson

This lovely girl came from Val Griffiths in Ottawa, many thanks for her.

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Ch Loupa’s Milou of Kerrilee


Name: Ch Loupa’s Milou of Kerrilee
Queen: Ch Kerrilee’s I love Lucy of Loupa
Sire: SMGC Amber Snow General Sherman of Loupa CNW

Milou has proven his worth many times over as a great producer and rightfully so with his sire being the top in Canada for many years

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Kerrilee’s Good Golly Miss Molly


Name: Kerrilee’s Good Golly Miss Molly
Queen: Splendid Autumn Breeze of Kerrilee
Sire: Supreme Master Grand Ch Loupa General William of Kerrilee

This demure little girl is such a sweetheart, sure to pass on to her future babies.

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New Stars Up And Coming




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Mc Buttons


Mc Buttons

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Kerrilee’s Kit N’ Kadoodle


Name: Kerrilee’s Kit N’ Kadoodle
Queen: Kerrilee’s A Rose is a Rose
Sire: Ch Kittyfield Sir Spotz Alotz of Kerrilee

Doodles this beautiful red spotted tabby, is charming the judges constantly taking home lots of rosettes, we have high hopes for this little man.
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Scottish Folds Gone Too Soon

Splendid Bourbon


Splendid Bourbon Appeal of Kerrilee, shown at 4 months at his first show in August 08, winning 3rd BEST of the BEST KITTENS, had us convinced his show career would fly. Read more »

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